Metal Head Cap

  • $15.99


 A full replacement chuff style cap for the Recoil. Fits Recoil Rebel as well but comes in 1mm of the side.

Blue/Green CC= Deep blue/green- changes to lime green when warm


Purple CC= Dark purple- changes to pink when warm

Orange CC- Orange- changes to light orange/clear when warm

Black CC- Black- changes to grey/clear when warm

Red CC- Red changes to pink clear when warm

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-Each listing states what they are made for or what I know for sure they will fit. If it is not listed I do not know if it will fit. Clones are NEVER a guarantee. 

-Each Item is a different cut of material, each item will look slightly different.

-Orders can sometimes process up to 10 business days before shipment depending on how busy I am. Please remember this when ordering.

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