Chop Top (810 goon style)

  • $14.99

Chop Top!

Click on names in drop down menu to match to color.

(Named by Mike at Queen City Vapes)

  Fits most 810 style but not gaurenteed all (810 tip (1/2" bore))

Does Fit Rebel adapter.

Fits almost any 810 size. O-ring or not.

A chubby EXTREME low profile wide bore tip! Designed this tip with a SINGLE o-ring with a shorter base to help with friction and heat changes against your Kennedy Tip, ALL AUTHENTIC GOONs, Griffin, TFV8, Cloud Beast, Recurve, Distrct5 CSMNT, BIG BABY beast, Apocalypse  with 1/2 opening, Lynx, and SKill, Duosub by Horizon Tech, Icon, Blazer Tank, Nova, Carnage and much more.

Kennedy RDAs we recommend you request your Chop Top Tip as a press fit base No o-rings. As the Kennedy RDA already has a very tough o-ring already. You can do this by requesting it in note to seller at check out.

 BABY BEAST takes 510 Chiquita or Mini Duo Tips.


-Each listing states what they are made for or what I know for sure they will fit. If it is not listed we do not know if it will fit. Clones are NEVER a guarantee. 

-Each Item is a different cut of material, each item will look slightly different.

ATTENTION COLOR CHANGING BLUE/GREEN has little specs of greens shades in it.

I am sure there are other caps it fits on just haven't had them to test out.

Yes! You can request in (note to seller) any color I have in the Mad Hatty collection if you prefer one of those. They are not pre-made so they may take a few days extra to ship out.

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